Friday, May 29, 2015

ABH Artist Palette Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial below to achieve this look and descriptions under photo

Step 1: Dip your fluffy blending brush in 'Buttery' and blend above the crease and into crease.

Step 2: Take your more tapered blending brush and swirl it in 'Dusty Rose' and place it in the crease blending upward above and downward onto lid as a transition shade for the lid

Step 3: Pick up another tapered blending brush (preferably goat haired) and 'Blue Velvet' across the crease. Windshield wiper motions, blend very well.

Step 4: With a regular stiff haired shader brush pack it with 'Blue Velvet' and pat it just on the lid from outer to inner corner.

Step 5: Pick up the goat haired blending brush again, go back into a little bit of 'Blue Velvet' and blend the line of the color on the lid into the 'Blue Velvet' in your crease from step 3.

Repeat steps 4 & 5 until everything looks blended but still pigmented on the lid.

Step 6: Take a stiff short flat brush and put it back into 'Blue Velvet' and also a tap into 'Coal'. Place brush right under your lower lashes in outer corner and drag inward. Take 'Phresh' on a pencil brush and place right under the color on the lower lash line moving back and forth across entire lower eyelid. Also pop some 'Phresh' in the inner corner of the eye.

Step 7: Using NYC liquid liner, line your top lid and create a wing on outer corner. Then take liner into inner corner and create a point bringing it just into under eyelid to where your lashes start. The 'Blue Velvet' should be right there to transition the bottom lid. Don't drag liquid liner across bottom of eye.

Step 8: Put mascara on the top and lower lashes and pop on false lashes. Go over the lash band with the liquid liner again to hide it. Then I took the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on liner in black and lined my water line and tight lined.

For final touches you can drag the 'Phresh' out under the liquid liner on the outer corner. Also if you don't feel the 'Blue Velvet' on the lid is dark enough or lost color, go back in and pat some more on with the shader brush. You can also bind your real lashes to the fake lashes by putting some more mascara on or pinching them together with tweezers.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Dry Skin? I Found Your Perfect Foundation

Calling all of my dry skin ladies! I have found our savior. 

The Buxom Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation

There should be a halo around that picture.

I have been in search for a great foundation for my dry face for what feels like a lifetime. I've bought a few others have suggested but they still seemed to not exactly work. I started loving the L'Oreal True Match Lumi but a couple months in it started accentuating my dry skin. I tried the Lorac Breakthrough Performance foundation but it was far too oily.

I received this foundation as a sample in a Sephora order and figured I would give it a whirl, not expecting too much. But boy, this stuff is great. Not too light, not too cakey. Not too oily or dry. Plus it has SPF perfect for summer.

I know some say SPF doesn't photograph well but I haven't found that with this one. I think it photographs great. I use it with my Urban Decay concelear and *BAM* perfect face.

1. Light to medium coverage. Not for my cake face lovers.
2. Slightly build-able but nothing note worthy.
3. Long lasting. Wore this to work and only saw light wear by the end of the day & I didn't set it.
4. Perfect for summer since it really does feel weightless.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Or hey, just select it as a sample on your next Sephora order.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tell Me If It's Worth It! Sephora Fiber Masks

I have a confession. I am a mask junkie. But these are not your average mask.

On one of my leisurely trips to Sephora recently I saw these babies on a huge display at the end of a center aisle. They were conveniently located to spy as soon as you step in the store so naturally, even if I wasn't a mask junkie, I gravitated towards them.

There were 8 shelves of kinds to choose from but all were full except for the pearl mask edition which were almost completely gone. I jumped on that bandwagon, always thinking I'm missing something everyone else knows, and also bought a rose mask for my perpetual dry skin problem.

Before I continue on my masque journey, below are the different kinds of masks and basic facts straight from the Sephora website.

Facts Lingzhi Mask: Creates the appearance of smoother, plumper, and younger-looking skin.
Lotus Mask: Refreshes tired skin and reduces signs of strain and fatigue.
Honey Mask: Nourishes and balances to soothe and refresh dry or sensitive skin.
Pearl Mask: Perfects and brightens with natural-origin pearl to create high luminosity.
Ginseng Mask: Tones and energizes while providing a tightening effect for a plumped and supple complexion.
Green Tea Mask: Mattifies and purifies to soothe skin, absorb sebum, and reduce the appearance of outbreaks.
Rose Mask: Provides deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract.
Pomegranate Mask: Awakens, energizes, and protects the skin with antioxidant-rich natural pomegranate extract.

Each mask is $6 and they come with one towel like mask, already soaked with the special formula you picked, in each package.

I somewhat foolishly asked a sales associate if I could get more than one use out of each thinking it was a cream. Cream masks are the only ones I have used to date mind you.

To use you take it straight out of the package and it is folded into a square. It was kind of challenging unfolding the mask while trying not to rip it. I'm also impatient and if it takes more than 3 seconds, I'm over it and it is "challenging".

Then you put it on your face LIKE SO...

You have to line up the holes of the mask with your eyes, nose and mouth. I was afraid to get any in my eyes or mouth. Yuck.

You let the mask sit for 15 minutes with no need to wash your face afterwards.

After this time passed I removed the mask, threw it out, and there was definitely a residue left on my face. I just let it sit there and it ended up soaking in and feeling better after about another 10 minutes.

My impression at first was that both masks were similar. Seemed to be the same gooey formula and it left the residue on my face the same way. I definitely enjoyed the rose mask more. I noticed my skin was more moisturized and that it lasted a couple of days. The pearl mask was unimpressive for $6. Especially for the amount of hype that seemed to be around them. It left my skin brighter at first which was nice but that left relatively quickly. By the next morning my skin felt the same as the morning before the mask.

Would I purchase again? Debatable. I was in Sephora again today (... No need to tell me I have a problem, I know it) and I had picked up the Ginseng mask to help my tone problem I feel I've been having recently but then I put it back down. $6 for a mask is steep when I can't reuse it and feel I get more of my moneys worth out of the masks in bottles and jars where I can decide how much to apply and where.

Bottom line, the masks are good for a quick one-time need but I don't think they're worth the money.