Friday, May 29, 2015

ABH Artist Palette Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial below to achieve this look and descriptions under photo

Step 1: Dip your fluffy blending brush in 'Buttery' and blend above the crease and into crease.

Step 2: Take your more tapered blending brush and swirl it in 'Dusty Rose' and place it in the crease blending upward above and downward onto lid as a transition shade for the lid

Step 3: Pick up another tapered blending brush (preferably goat haired) and 'Blue Velvet' across the crease. Windshield wiper motions, blend very well.

Step 4: With a regular stiff haired shader brush pack it with 'Blue Velvet' and pat it just on the lid from outer to inner corner.

Step 5: Pick up the goat haired blending brush again, go back into a little bit of 'Blue Velvet' and blend the line of the color on the lid into the 'Blue Velvet' in your crease from step 3.

Repeat steps 4 & 5 until everything looks blended but still pigmented on the lid.

Step 6: Take a stiff short flat brush and put it back into 'Blue Velvet' and also a tap into 'Coal'. Place brush right under your lower lashes in outer corner and drag inward. Take 'Phresh' on a pencil brush and place right under the color on the lower lash line moving back and forth across entire lower eyelid. Also pop some 'Phresh' in the inner corner of the eye.

Step 7: Using NYC liquid liner, line your top lid and create a wing on outer corner. Then take liner into inner corner and create a point bringing it just into under eyelid to where your lashes start. The 'Blue Velvet' should be right there to transition the bottom lid. Don't drag liquid liner across bottom of eye.

Step 8: Put mascara on the top and lower lashes and pop on false lashes. Go over the lash band with the liquid liner again to hide it. Then I took the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on liner in black and lined my water line and tight lined.

For final touches you can drag the 'Phresh' out under the liquid liner on the outer corner. Also if you don't feel the 'Blue Velvet' on the lid is dark enough or lost color, go back in and pat some more on with the shader brush. You can also bind your real lashes to the fake lashes by putting some more mascara on or pinching them together with tweezers.