Friday, June 26, 2015

Laneige Cushion Cosmetics First Impression

A couple of days ago I posted a video on my first impression of the Laneige BB Cushion & Cushion Concealer.

Spoiler: They're amazing.

I was browsing the interwebs one day and came across some articles on cushion cosmetics and how it could be a new trend coming across the pond from the Pacific. Specifically Korea. So I browsed some more and found Target had some of these brands! I originally thought about how I could possibly have missed them in the beauty aisles I frequently ravage, however, when I did go to Target I found them hiding in the aisle with the face wash & lotions.

The next day I filmed the video above. I had not even opened the boxes yet. I'm pretty sure you could tell in the video this was the case.

[After reviewing the pictures I took of these products I realized they were mostly blurry :( Sorry about that. And of course I throw out the boxes immediately and can't reshoot so unfortunately you can't see the product descriptions clearly here.]

The verdict: I love the BB cushion & concealer. They both are very full coverage yet don't feel heavy on your skin. They also both have high SPF counts. The BB is SPF 50+ and the concealer is SPF 20. Hello summer!

I think the BB specifically is more for dry to normal or combination skin types. I really don't think oily skin types would like this as it comes off dewey at first. It does tend to dry throughout the day which is actually the only negative I've found but it still holds up really well. I also realize this is most likely a problem only us really dry chicks will experience.

On the flip side, I do think the cushion concealer will work for everyone. Again, very full coverage but blends beautifully. Stays all day along with the BB cushion. And I do mean ALL. DAY. Way longer than most BB creams & concealers and less creasing.

The BB Cushion link from Target is listed below. 
Laneige BB Cushion

The Cushion Concealer is not on the Target site. After doing some research I found that this product is very new. If you're looking to try this product, I would go to your local Target store and see if they are carrying it.

If you have tried these products or want to try them, give me a shout below and tell me what you think!