Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BoxyCharm Unboxing

I had attempted to make a post on my August BoxyCharm that I received, which was my first, however that never happened. So instead I will show you a detailed unboxing for Septembers and some pictures from the August box I failed to post about.

Some Details:
Click here for the BoxyCharm website
  • BoxyCharm is $21/month. You can save by ordering a year in advance for $19.25/month
  • you receive full sized products
  • 4-5 items per box
  • A new box is delivered to your door step each month with free shipping!

I loved my August box. I received a leave-in hair conditioner with SPF, black gel liner, an eyeliner brush, a highlighting stick, and last but not least a 20 shade Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette. I really love everything except the eyeshadow palette. It's based off of the Urban Decay Naked palettes and the shadows didn't have great color payoff.


September's BoxyCharm pictures, descriptions & comments are below. Each box comes with a card that has subscriptions for each item included. The card also lists how to use each product and the price.

The first product I pulled out was this Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil. Whew that's a mouthful. Its a hair oil which I always desperately need and don't complain about. Chronicles of a fake blonde.

Nail wraps! I find this a pretty unique product to include. It's not your typical nail polish that I used to get frustrated getting in my ipsy bags. It's a different kind of nail product. And I like different. I've never used nail wraps before but I am definitely going to give these a whirl.

The most exciting thing I found in this month's BoxyCharm is this Tarte skinny smolder eyes in a beautiful forest green color. It is so smooth and creamy while being absolutely smear proof after setting. The other end even has a smudging tool in case you wanted to smudge it out and make it look smoky before the product sets.

Next out of the box was this foundation brush from Vasanti. I can always use an extra foundation brush around and I was not sad to see this.

Another unique find was this Chella eyebrow defining gel. It's perfect because it's clear so it will work for anyone with any hair color. I already used it once and it held my brows in place perfectly.

Last out of the box we have a face cream. There is certainly a good amount of product in this bottle and while I haven't used this Previse Hydromilk yet, I will eventually. This was the most underwhelming product I received this month just because I feel like I often receive face creams in monthly subscription packages. However, these products are always useful especially to take on vacations. Plus it was the most expensive product on the list.

All in all I really like the BoxyCharm subscription 2 months in and I'm looking forward to more boxes to come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Eye Tutorial

Your possible prayers have been answered... this is a short video! Like under 5 minutes short.
::and the crowd goes wild::
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tell Me If It's Worth It! Eyelash Adhesive Removing Wipes

Who else has trouble with eyelash glue? I have trouble getting it off my false lashes. I have trouble getting it off my false lashes. I have trouble getting it off my eyelids. I. Just. Have. Trouble. With. Eyelash. Glue.

When doing my usual stroll in CVS i found this unique little package!

I had no idea these existed. It wouldn't surprise me if you told me they've been available for years. This is why I take strolls through CVS.

I tried using these for 3 separate uses:
  1. Removing the false lashes while on my lid.
  2. Removing the glue from my false lashes
  3. Removing the glue from my lid & real lashes.
I am sad to say that all 3 attempts did not work. The glue continued to sit on the false lashes and my lid. Instead these wipes deposited a very greasy film on my hands and anywhere I touched with them.

These unfortunately get a big thumbs down! I had such high hopes for this concept, too. 

Let me know if you had a different experience or have also tried these lash adhesive wipes and your thoughts!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rita Ora MTV VMAs Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Starting September off right with a makeup tutorial! I wanted to try something new and do a celebrity inspired look. The VMAs were a perfect opportunity.

Did I watch the VMAs? Unfortunately. I can't help but watch a train wreck. That Miley Cyrus... with her parents in the audience... no words. I'm actually mad I kept watching until her song at the end. Which has to be the worst song on the planet.

Okay moving on... I hope you enjoy!! On your way out, here is another picture of the gorgeous Rita Ora at the VMAs.