Friday, October 30, 2015

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

It isn't too late to finally fulfill your childhood dream of being a mermaid! Put on a green tight skirt and watch the video below for a full makeup tutorial.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Leopard/Cheetah Makeup | Halloween Tutorial

This is totally self explanatory. I wanted to do some sort of makeup for Halloween!

If you're looking for a last minute costume and/or this helped you in any way please comment below and I hope you enjoy.

muaha Happy Halloween Vanity Viewers...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gigi Hadid Inspired Look | Fashion Week 2015

Gigi Hadid is always pictured having a romantic feel to her look and glowing skin. Her makeup at the Maybelline Fashion Week event was no different.

This is not one of my shorter tutorials but I wanted to change it up with a talk through tutorial. Even though I ramble, this is a super achievable look for anyone with the right products. You don't need to have everything I have. Remember: I don't know what they put on Gigi for that event, I just went with what I had and you should do the same!

I want to show you guys what to look for when seeing a look on someone else and wanting to recreate it on yourself. 


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Travel With Me! My Travel Makeup Bags

Hello love bugs!

I recently went to Germany for Oktoberfest and since I was going for a good amount of time, I was forced to pack lightly. However I can never get away with just packing one bag. How am I supposed to fit makeup, creams, deodorant, etc all in one bag? Impossible.

There were a couple of things I thought about before choosing what beauty products to pack.

  1. I would be wearing the same makeup all day/night
  2. Brushes that have a double use are necessary to save space
  3. Choose colors that would be neutral enough to go with any outfit
Below I generally outline some of the products I decided to bring and then go into detail on why others were important!

The first bag in the picture is from Vera Bradley and included all of my makeup and brushes. The second which is from thirty-one included day/night creams, primers and other toiletries. 

  • Elf Flawless Finish Foundation SPF 15 - Sand 
    • SPF is important for day wear
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer - Light Neutral 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Medium Brown
  • It Cosmetics Hello Lashes mascara
  • Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Blush
    • Gives off a rosy flushed hue perfect with any look
  • Tarte Bronzer - Park Ave Princess
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Poured - Opal
    • The poured formula is creamy and allows you to apply it with your fingers
  • Lipstick Queen - Frog Prince
    • Perfect for a pink color while still having a hydrating feel
  • NYX Butter Gloss - Creme Brûlée
  • The Balm lipstick - Amanda Kissmylips
  • So Susan Statement Skin - Highlighting Crayon
  • MCA Beauty black gel liner
  • It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty eyeshadow palette

    • Perfect palette to include for a trip. All of the colors are neutral and matte while still having the option into turning them into a shimmer with the Transforming Pearl shadow on the bottom right.
What I forgot but needed: black eyeliner pencil & nude eyeliner pencil for my waterline to brighten my eyes.

To the right is a picture of the brushes that were in the cosmetic bag also.

The Beauty Blender doubles as a foundation and concealer blending tool.

  • Olay makeup wipes
  • Pur-lisse soy milk cleanser
  • Eco Beauty good day & good night cream (samples from tipsy bag)
  • Root Cool eye drops
    • Extremely important with the long plane ride. If you can't sleep on a plane like me, your eyes will get very dry.
  • Nourish Organic Renewing eye cream
  • Eucerin hand cream
  • Nios Shield leave-in conditioner
    • Has SPF to keep your scalp protected during the day. Plus adds extra moisture since we're never sure what kind of hotel soaps and shampoos will affect us.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo - Medium & Brunette
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy
  • Viva La Juicy roller ball perfume
    • Small and compact. Includes day scent on one side and night scent on the other. 
  • Nail file
  • The obvious extras also included: Razor, Qtips, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Advil, Deodorant
Something to remember: Include a small cosmetic bag in your carry on with essentials for the plane ride. Especially on long trips, you don't want to be stuck waiting hours to get back into your checked suitcase. Some of the things I included in my carry on cosmetic bag were the nail file, eye drops, advil, a hair clip,  Eucerin hand cream & vaseline lip therapy.

I hope this helped some of you pack more efficiently. Let me know if you have something you recommend I may have missed!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Must-Have Makeup Staples

Where do I start? What primers do you like? Do I actually need a setting spray?

Do not fret, I have now included all of your makeup must-have items into one video below!

This doesn't include actual makeup besides an eye shadow palette I think everyone can start with. If I went into each separate makeup product this video could be an hour long. It was already a challenge getting it down to under 15 minutes!

This is exactly where you should start to supplement the basic makeup products you may already have.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions or opinions below!