Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Girlactik Beauty | First Purchase & Review

Girlactik Beauty is one of those companies you hear about and are ready to try if you see them but that's the problem... you don't see their products... anywhere. So when I stumbled upon a wall display in the super Walgreens in Boston, unexpectedly, I spent some time picking out the products to try!

I'm in love.

I don't often have bad reviews but this review is exceptionally good. Let me start with the Face Glow.  It's very bronze so can be worn in the summer with a tan but still such a good range of color that you could pull it off in the winter. I think it would be good for my darker skin gals as well.

There is a pinkish hue to it that you see once on the face. That pink reflection is what makes this highlighter absolutely beautiful. It also packs one hell of a punch. It is $25 which is a fairly well priced highlighter on the market. For the quality & versatility, I think it's worth it.

Lustre is applied on the top of my cheek bones in the picture below. The pink hues show up more as a reflection in person.

Next we have the amazing Matte Lip Paint in Iconic. It sure is iconic. I don't have such a beautiful red in my entire lip collection. If you have Girlactik Beauty products near you, go out and run to buy it! It's a liquid lipstick but creamy enough to not dry out your lips. 

The Matte Lip Paints run at $23 which is on the pricey side. I do think these are better than Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks and is comparable if not better than the Jeffree Starr Velour Liquid Lipstick formula.

The staying power is ridiculous on this and what makes it worth those few extra bucks over mainstream competitors. I took the picture below after hours of having the lipstick on my lips.

The other colors look gorgeous as well, especially Flirtatious but Iconic is a color that just jumps out at you. In and outside of the package.

I hope you enjoyed the review and let me know if you have tried Girlactik Beauty for yourself!