Thursday, September 28, 2017

Urban Decay Review: B6 Prep & Chill Setting Sprays

Today let's talk about the before and after your makeup process...

Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray *bottle design has changed
& Chill Setting Spray
The skin moisturizing, prepping and then setting of your makeup are some of the most important steps to having your makeup looks flawless. Don't overlook these steps! We do such hard work and spend so much time on our faces not to invest in the prep and setting phases.

After washing & moisturizing my skin I spray the Urban Decay B6 Prep spray generously around my face. I really enjoy the way my skin feels afterwards and I do believe it sets up my foundation nicely. I also can never have too much moisture with my dry skin so I love the hydration and tacky feeling afterward.

I actually picked this up at my closest Nordstrom Rack store. There is one on 17th & chestnut in Center City, Philadelphia. I was originally shocked they had some great makeup brands there and there are really good discounts if you can get to one. I now realize Urban Decay changed the bottle design & it's why this was on sale. Win for me!

I received the Urban Decay Chill Setting spray in the summer as a gift and even though I have heard about how great it is, probably wouldn't have shelled out the cash for the nice sized amount. Now that I've given it some time and uses I would say it is 100% worth it

The spray goes on nicely (no random heavy squirts to the face) and it feels refreshing. It also does the job of keeping your makeup on for a longer time throughout the day. I have some 8-10 hour shifts at work and I do find my makeup looks nicer at the end of the day when I use it. Not as creased or smudged around the eyes.
Bottom line is that I love both of these products & can't imagine looking back.

What are some of your favorite products?